As we step into spring I wanted to share with you what has been happening in the Alberta power market of late.

Power prices have been steady and low throughout the early part of 2014, however that is about to change.  The May RRO (regulated rate option) price posted by Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS), EPCOR and ENMAX is about to climb over the 10 cents/kWh plateau.  This is almost a 50% increase over the previous month.  Further, the average RRO price in these territories over the past 3 years has been:

DERS (ATCO Electric) – 9.229 cents/kWh
EPCOR (Fortis) – 8.908 cents/kWh
EPCOR (Edmonton) – 9.130 cents/kWh
ENMAX (Calgary) – 9.111 cents/kWh

Compare these rates with Peace Power’s current fixed rate of 7.50 cents/kWh for residential and 7.25 cents/kWh for commercial and the savings are significant – approximately 18%!

Why pay more for electricity when it’s the same electrons travelling along the same power lines regardless of which retailer you choose?  The averages above speak for themselves, switch and save.

Has deregulation been good to the consumer?  The answer is yes if you are one of the 40% of Albertans who have gotten off the regulated rate.  You would have saved almost 20% on the cost of power over the past three years.

For an interesting article written in the Calgary Herald encouraging Albertans to get off the RRO, click on the attached: Albertans warned of power ‘price spike’

I get asked all the time how it is that Peace Power can undercut the big retailers in the province.  How can a little guy outperform the big guys?  The answer is simple: we have less operating expenses and are content with a smaller profit margin.  Even though we don’t have the same purchasing power, these two factors allow us to routinely beat the big guys and offer significant savings on average.  Since starting up, the months where our prices have been beat are few and far between.

In other news Peace Power just launched in Calgary and we are hoping for a big following right out of the gate!  This means we are active throughout all of rural Alberta, Edmonton and now Calgary!  As such, be sure to tell your family and friends in Cowtown about the great savings to be had by switching to Peace Power.

To good weather and cheap power!
Cheers / Chad

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