As we step into December the Regulated Rate Option (RRO)  is back on the rise, climbing 18% from its November mark, with the trend continuing to move up.  Early pricing in January is showing that the RRO will return to the 8 cent/kWh range.  Note that the three year average for the RRO is 8.8 cents/kWh.

Meanwhile Peace Power’s floating rate is in the 5 cent/kWh range and our fixed rates, good until the end of 2017 (+3 year), are in the low 7 cent/kWh range.

Also of particular note: ENMAX, the City of Calgary owned utility, is currently running a full page ad in Edmonton offering customers “Free Electricity” for a year.  But, as you know nothing is ever for free, explained in detail in my May 12th newsletter.  The consumer must sign up for both gas and electricity for five years at not-so-great rates, and is stuck with high exit fees if they leave early.  There is also a rumor that EPCOR has responded with “Free Electricity” for 2 months on a pre-paid electricity plan.

Both ENMAX and EPCOR will start battling it out – which is good for us as it may cause consumers to be a little more inquisitive and hopefully look around for an alternate supplier.

In early November ENMAX was in court on the charge of unpaid taxes to the tune of $375 million.  For more on the story Click Here.  The court date will not be scheduled until April 2015.

Also in the news was a story on ENMAX outsourcing IT jobs to India which of course Direct Energy has been doing for years.  For more on that story Click Here.  While a government regulated company like ENMAX is moving jobs overseas, which all Albertans should fundamentally disagree with, we at Peace Power are proud of the fact that all of our IT jobs, customer care, call centre and billing services are located right here in Alberta.

As we approach the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, our team at Peace Power would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  We hope the coming year brings you good health and many blessings!
As we count our blessings, we sincerely want to Thank You for your continued support, whether it be as a customer or newsletter subscriber.  As we head into 2015 our commitment to you remains as always.  We will continue to provide you with low power rates, exceptional customer service, and up to date market information.  Thanks again for supporting your local community!
Cheers / Chad

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