Peace Power is very excited to announce the hiring of Kirk Clavelle, our new Chief Information Officer.  Kirk’s primary roles will be to manage marketing and the company’s online strategy.

Kirk is very excited to start his new role as CIO, especially considering the company’s commitment to being a market educator and information source, and its commitment to giving back 10% of profits to the community.

Please help me in welcoming Kirk Clavelle to the Peace Power team and look for our online presence to significantly expand as Kirk gets settled into his new role!

20 Years Later…
More Generators, More Innovation, More Choice

Recently IPPSA (Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta) prepared a small PowerPoint presentation comparing the Alberta Department of Energy’s electricity market forecasts from 1994 with the market today, just over 20 years later, to see how the market has evolved.

I find it fascinating to look at forecasts from the past, especially when the comparisons with today produce very interesting results.  If you are interested in seeing the full IPPSA PowerPoint presentation and the original 1994 report, feel free to email me at and I’ll send them your way.  Some of the facts I found most interesting include:

– in 1994, net Alberta generation capacity was anticipated to reach 10,000 MWh in 2022, instead we hit this mark in 2009 – 13 years ahead of the forecast – and today have over 15,000 MWh of capacity, twice what we had in 1993.

– the average price of power since deregulation in 2001, a total of 14 years, is very close to what the 1994 paper forecasted at $66/MWh.  This is remarkable considering that demand growth has doubled.

– competition has shifted investment risk away from tax payers to the generation developers.  This drives efficiency which has the net effect of lowering the price for electricity and the retirement of inefficient power generation facilities.

– de-regulation of generation by the government and the entrance of many private participants.

– Alberta’s average residential price for power remains competitive with, and in fact below, that of the rest of the Canadian provinces and territories.

-today Albertans enjoy choice and can choose from fixed-price contracts, flow-through contracts, duel-fuel contracts (power & gas), green power, or on-site generation – not to mention their choice of retailer.

– emissions intensity (tonnes/MWh) is set to halve by 2050 from today’s levels.

– Alberta’s grid is getting greener with CO2 emissions (tonnes) set to fall from today through 2030 and possibly beyond.

Although some of the Department of Energy’s original 1994 goals have not been achieved, many have and the Alberta market model has become one that is highly regarded and studied by provinces, states, and countries worldwide.

As always, if you have any questions we look forward to hearing from you.  Please check out our lowest rates on record and help us spread the word about Peace Power by telling your friends and relatives about us.  There are even referral bonuses for doing so 🙂

Cheers / Chad

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