Can gas appliances be damaged by power surges?

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Can gas appliances be damaged by power surges?

Power surges can damage electronic components in gas appliances. Use surge protectors and consider unplugging appliances during electrical storms.

Can gas appliances be damaged by power surges? - faq - Peace Power

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Contact your local waste management or recycling center to inquire about proper disposal methods for gas appliances. Do not attempt to dispose of them yourself.

Conduct a gas leak test using soapy water on connections and fittings. If bubbles form, there may be a leak. Contact a professional for repairs.

Take precautions to protect gas appliances during renovations, such as shutting off the gas supply, covering appliances, and ensuring proper ventilation.

Space heaters should be used as supplementary heating sources, not primary ones. Follow safety guidelines and never leave them unattended.

Install carbon monoxide detectors near gas appliances and bedrooms. If the alarm sounds, evacuate immediately and contact emergency services.

If you smell gas but no appliance is currently in use, treat it as a potential gas leak. Immediately evacuate the premises, leaving doors and windows open to allow for ventilation. Contact your gas utility provider or emergency services to report the situation and seek professional assistance to investigate and address the gas odor promptly.

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