How much is the average utility bill in the City of Lethbridge?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average utility bill in the City of Lethbridge?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average utility bill in the City of Lethbridge?

The average utility bill in the City of Lethbridge can vary based on a number of factors such as the size of the home, usage patterns, and the number of utilities being used. At Peace Power, we offer electricity, natural gas, and high-speed internet services across Alberta. Complete our free live quote form to get an estimate for your specific needs and usage. Our team of experts can help you find the right package for your needs and ensure that you are getting the best possible rates for your utilities.

There are several factors that can cause utility bills to vary from month to month. These can include:

  1. Energy consumption: The amount of energy used by household appliances and electronics can greatly impact utility bills. For example, running a high-energy consuming appliance, such as an air conditioner, for longer periods can increase electricity bills.
  2. Seasonal changes: Utility bills can also fluctuate due to changes in weather patterns. For instance, during the winter months, natural gas consumption can increase as homeowners turn up their thermostats to keep their homes warm.
  3. Home size: The size of the home can also impact utility bills. Larger homes typically require more energy to heat and cool, which can result in higher utility bills.
  4. Number of utilities: The number of utilities being used, such as electricity, natural gas, and internet, can also impact utility bills. Homeowners who use more utilities may have higher bills than those who use fewer.
  5. Rate structures: Different utility companies have different rate structures, which can impact the cost of utility bills. Some companies may offer flat rates, while others may charge based on usage or have variable rates.


Understanding these factors can help homeowners and businesses better manage their utility bills and find ways to save on energy costs.

How much is the average utility bill in City of Lethbridge - Peace Power

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We ensure the reliability and safety of our electricity supply through regular maintenance and upgrades of our infrastructure, advanced monitoring and control systems, backup power systems, adherence to safety regulations and procedures, and communication with customers about power outages and other issues. These measures help to ensure that the electricity supply is reliable and safe for both employees and customers.

Yes, Peace Power offers natural gas services to customers in Lethbridge, but we do not offer water services. You can sign up for our natural gas service and get a lower rate on your monthly bill. Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns about your energy needs.

Peace Power works with the city of Lethbridge so that our services meet local utility regulations. This means that we provide our customers with reliable and safe electricity and internet services at prices that are fair compared to other companies. Our customer service team is ready to help you if you have any questions about your plan or how it relates to the city’s rules.

Yes, you can get both electricity and utility services from Peace Power in Lethbridge.

Peace power is a utility provider that offers some of the most affordable internet plans available in the city. our cheapest plan is our 150 Mbps download for 15 Mbps upload plan, which costs just $74.99/month for unlimited data.

Peace power has low prices for electricity and natural gas services in Lethbridge. If you have our basic residential plan, you will only have to pay $13.99 /kWh for electricity and $5.79 per gigajoule for natural gas. This is a great deal!

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