Is it better to hook natural gas to your house?

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Is it better to hook natural gas to your house?

Yes, it is better to hook natural gas to your house because it is a cleaner burning fuel than oil or propane plus, it is also cheaper to use. Peace Power offers many options for those who are interested in switching to natural gas. They have a wide range of services and plans that can meet your needs and budget.

Natural gas has several benefits that make it a popular and widely used energy source. Here are some of the key advantages of natural gas:

  1. Cleaner Burning Fuel: Compared to other fossil fuels like coal and oil, natural gas burns more cleanly. It produces lower levels of harmful pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. When burned for electricity or heating, natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases, helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Natural gas is highly energy-efficient, meaning it releases a significant amount of energy when burned. This efficiency makes it a cost-effective and reliable energy source for various applications, including electricity generation, heating, and industrial processes.
  3. Abundant and Domestic Resource: Natural gas reserves are abundant in many countries, including the United States, Russia, and Qatar. Relying on domestic natural gas production can enhance energy security by reducing dependence on foreign oil and gas imports.
  4. Versatility: Natural gas is a versatile energy source that can be used for electricity generation, residential heating, cooking, and in industrial processes. It can also be converted into liquid natural gas (LNG) for easier transportation and storage.
  5. Quick Start-Up and Shutdown: Natural gas power plants can quickly start up and shut down, making them suitable for meeting fluctuations in electricity demand. This flexibility complements the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, helping maintain grid stability.
Is it better to hook natural gas to your house? Utility and Internet Provider

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To prevent carbon monoxide leaks, ensure that gas appliances are properly vented and regularly maintained. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, particularly near sleeping areas, and test them regularly to provide early warning of any potential CO leaks.

The safety of yourself and others is paramount. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, leave the premises immediately. Do not operate any electrical devices or create sparks that could potentially ignite the gas.  If it is safe to do so, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to ventilate the area. This can help disperse any gas that may have accumulated. If you know the location of the gas shut-off valve and can do so safely, turn off the gas supply to the affected appliance. This will help prevent further gas leakage.

When using a gas stove or oven, ensure proper ventilation by using exhaust fans or opening windows to prevent the buildup of gas fumes. Keep flammable materials away from the appliance, never leave the stove or oven unattended while in use, and ensure proper cleaning and maintenance to avoid potential hazards.

It is often cheaper to buy natural gas and electricity from the same supplier. At Peace Power, we offer a discount for bundling services. This is because it costs us less to provide both services to our customers. Make sure that your compare the bundled price with the cost of purchasing each service separately. View our rates for more information.

Yes, many homes and businesses can switch to natural gas if it is available in their area. Contact your local utility company to find out if natural gas is available and to learn about the installation process.

Simply examine the figures on the gas meter’s face to read them and write them down. When recording the digits, make sure to include the decimal point. You can still read an older design meter in much the same way, although you must use dials instead of numbers.

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