Is Peace Power offering bundles with TV / phone / fax?

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Is Peace Power offering bundles with TV / phone / fax?

Not at this time… However, we are looking to bundle internet TV and internet phone in the future. At Peace Power, we are always striving to improve our quality of service for internet plans and bundles.


Is Peace Power offering bundles with TV / phone / fax - Peace Power

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Routers and modems serve different functions in a home network. While modems connect your network to your internet service provider, routers manage data traffic within your network and provide additional security features. Routers typically offer more advanced security options, such as firewall settings, guest networks, and port forwarding controls. Therefore, a properly configured router can provide better overall security for your home network compared to a modem alone.

Internet streaming refers to the real-time delivery of multimedia content, such as audio and video, over the Internet. Instead of downloading files, users can access streaming content instantly, allowing for on-demand consumption. Streaming services use data transmission protocols to deliver a continuous flow of content, enabling users to watch or listen without the need for large file downloads. Popular examples of Internet streaming include video streaming platforms like Netflix and music streaming services like Spotify.

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data on the Internet the same way, without discriminating or charging differently based on the user, content, website, or application. It ensures an open and equal Internet environment, preventing ISPs from favouring certain websites or services over others. Net neutrality aims to maintain a level playing field, fostering innovation, competition, and unrestricted access to information.

The best security practices for your modem include changing default passwords, regularly updating firmware, enabling strong encryption (such as WPA3) for your Wi-Fi network, disabling remote management, using a firewall, monitoring connected devices, and implementing MAC address filtering. These measures collectively create multiple layers of defense against potential cyber threats, ensuring that your modem and home network remain secure.

The best type of internet connection for urban areas is typically fiber-optic internet. Fiber-optic technology is capable of providing the fastest connection speeds available, up to 1Gbps in some cases.

Yes, most modems come with built-in security features, but they often require proper configuration to be effective. These features may include password protection for administrative access, firewall capabilities, and encryption for Wi-Fi networks. However, relying solely on default settings is not sufficient; users should actively engage in securing their modems by customizing settings and implementing additional security measures.

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