What are the advantages Peace Power provides for your natural gas?

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What are the advantages Peace Power provides for your natural gas?

Peace Power seeks to combine competitive pricing with a customer-centric approach to provide value to its consumers. We offer competitive rates for natural gas, which could result in savings compared to traditional utility companies. Being a smaller provider, we focus on personalized customer service, ensuring that customer queries and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. In addition, we offer flexible billing options, such as budget billing plans, which allow consumers to spread the cost of natural gas over the year, making it easier to manage utility expenses. Furthermore, we have shown a commitment to supporting local communities. By choosing Peace Power as a utility provider, consumers may also be indirectly supporting community initiatives and development. Combining cost-competitive natural gas service with a commitment to customer satisfaction and community engagement, we present an attractive option for Edmonton residents seeking an alternative to larger utility providers.

What sets us apart from utility providers within Alberta is a multitude of factors

  1. Local Focus and Community Support: Peace Power has positioned itself as a locally focused company, and a portion of its profits is often directed towards supporting local communities and initiatives. This community-centric approach is a distinguishing feature for consumers who value social responsibility and wish to contribute indirectly through their utility payments.
  2. Customer Service: As a smaller utility provider, Peace Power often emphasizes personalized customer service. They tend to be more responsive and provide tailored service, which can be appealing to consumers who seek a more direct and engaged relationship with their utility provider.
  3. Competitive Rates: Peace Power aims to offer competitive rates for both electricity and natural gas. In a deregulated market like Alberta, having an additional choice with potentially lower rates can be attractive for cost-conscious consumers.
  4. Simplified Billing: Some consumers have noted that Peace Power offers simplified and straightforward billing options. This can be beneficial for those who prefer an uncomplicated approach to utility billing.
  5. Transparency: Peace Power’s commitment to transparency in pricing and business practices can be a draw for consumers who are wary of hidden fees or complex rate structures that are sometimes associated with larger utility companies.
  6. Environmental Consideration: Though primarily a provider of traditional energy sources, Peace Power might also offer renewable energy options or support environmental initiatives, appealing to consumers concerned about sustainability.
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Related FAQ

Yes! Peace Power offers a fixed-rate natural gas plan on a 1-year term at a rate of $3.49/GJ. Get the same service at a more predictable rate so you never have to worry about unexpected spikes on your bill. Learn more about our natural gas rates and plans on our natural gas service page.

Natural gas is crucial in Canada, serving as a significant energy source for electricity generation, heating, and industrial processes. It’s considered a cleaner-burning fossil fuel compared to coal and plays a role in transitioning to a lower-carbon energy mix.

Take precautions to protect gas appliances during renovations, such as shutting off the gas supply, covering appliances, and ensuring proper ventilation.

Natural gas leaks can be dangerous. If you smell a distinctive “rotten egg” odor or suspect a gas leak, leave the premises immediately and contact our emergency helpline or your local gas utility provider. Do not operate any electrical devices or create sparks, as they may ignite the gas.

Signing up for natural gas with Peace Power is easy! Go to our website Peacepower.ca and click on the “sign up” button. Follow the prompts and you will be all set up in no time.

Yes, many homes and businesses can switch to natural gas if it is available in their area. Contact your local utility company to find out if natural gas is available and to learn about the installation process.

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