What costs are included in my utility bill?

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are included in my utility bill?

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are included in my utility bill?

Once utilities are set up, electricity and natural gas usage will be measured by meters on your residence or building. A standard utility bill is divided into two parts: delivery charges and usage (or energy) charges. Electricity and natural gas need to be delivered from the generation or production site to the consumption site and maintaining this system requires time and money. The delivery charge for utilities is nothing like the one you pay the pizza delivery person; delivery charges are made up of variable and fixed components and are determined by a provincially regulated formula that is pre-approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). Delivery charges allow distribution and transmission companies to maintain the power lines, natural gas pipelines, transformers, and other physical equipment.

In addition to delivery and usage charges, utility bills may include a range of fees, depending on the utility provider and the region. Some common fees that may appear on a utility bill include:

  1. Admin fee: A flat fee charged by the utility provider to cover the cost of providing service to a customer’s address, regardless of usage.
  2. Late payment fees: A fee charged when a customer fails to pay their bill by the due date.
  3. Taxes and surcharges: Depending on the jurisdiction, utility bills may include various taxes and surcharges, such as sales tax, municipal tax, or environmental surcharges.
  4. Service cancellation fees: A fee charged when a customer cancels their service before the end of their contract or service agreement.


It’s important to carefully review utility bills and understand the fees applied. If you have any questions or concerns about the charges on your bill, don’t hesitate to contact your utility provider for clarification.

What costs are included in my utility bill - Peace Power

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We ensure the reliability and safety of our electricity supply through regular maintenance and upgrades of our infrastructure, advanced monitoring and control systems, backup power systems, adherence to safety regulations and procedures, and communication with customers about power outages and other issues. These measures help to ensure that the electricity supply is reliable and safe for both employees and customers.

Yes, Peace Power offers natural gas services to customers in Lethbridge, but we do not offer water services. You can sign up for our natural gas service and get a lower rate on your monthly bill. Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns about your energy needs.

Peace Power works with the city of Lethbridge so that our services meet local utility regulations. This means that we provide our customers with reliable and safe electricity and internet services at prices that are fair compared to other companies. Our customer service team is ready to help you if you have any questions about your plan or how it relates to the city’s rules.

Yes, you can get both electricity and utility services from Peace Power in Lethbridge.

Peace power is a utility provider that offers some of the most affordable internet plans available in the city. our cheapest plan is our 150 Mbps download for 15 Mbps upload plan, which costs just $74.99/month for unlimited data.

Peace power has low prices for electricity and natural gas services in Lethbridge. If you have our basic residential plan, you will only have to pay $13.99 /kWh for electricity and $5.79 per gigajoule for natural gas. This is a great deal!

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