What is a time-of-use rate?

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What is a time-of-use rate?

A time-of-use rate is a rate structure in which the cost of electricity varies based on the time of day. Typically, rates are higher during peak usage hours and lower during off-peak hours.

What is a time-of-use rate? faq - Peace Power

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No, your retailer (eg. Peace Power) is independent of your transmission and distribution company. This means that when you switch to us, only the energy rates you pay and the retailer you deal with changes – nothing to do with the delivery of energy to your home changes, and therefore there is no disruption.

A public utility is one that is regulated by a government entity and typically operates as a monopoly within a certain area. They provide essential services to the public like electricity, gas, water, and sewer services. A private utility, on the other hand, is owned by private investors or shareholders and operates in a competitive market where consumers can choose their provider. Private utilities might still be subject to some regulation to protect consumers, but they typically have more flexibility in their pricing and service offerings.

No, Peace Power does not have a monthly or yearly contract. We believe that our customers should be able to cancel their service at any time without penalty*

No. Technicians are not needed to switch your service over to Peace Power, whether it’s for electricity, natural gas, or internet. Once you provide your information, we can switch on your services remotely to ensure that there is no disruption when you change utility providers. With respect to internet, our service is designed so that you can do it yourself, whether you own your own hardware or once we’ve delivered your modem to you.

For our variable-rate plans, you do not need to sign a contract to get utilities with Peace Power. Fixed-rate plans typically are a 1-year term. Complete the live quote form on our website. Compare our rates with the other guys!

Peace Power is different from other energy companies because we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers. We offer cheaper rates than the “big guys”, and are able to bundle your electricity with Natural Gas to save you money. Plus, we have no hidden fees, no service interruptions while switching, an easy sign-up process and we help you save!

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