What is the Peace Power customer service policy?

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What is the Peace Power customer service policy?

Peace Power’s customer service policies are designed to ensure that customers receive the best quality service possible. Peace Power offers 24/7 customer support, and all Peace Power representatives are trained to provide knowledgeable, helpful information when answering questions about Peace Power services. Peace Power also has policies in place to ensure that customers’ privacy is respected and that their accounts are secure. For complete customer terms & conditions, visit https://peacepower.ca/terms-and-conditions/. For our Privacy Policy, visit https://peacepower.ca/privacy-policy/


What is the Peace Power customer service policy - Peace Power

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Yes, Peace Power offers Internet in areas in Alberta where the shaw line is available. Please call us to inquire about specific availability in your area or visit our service areas page on our site to learn more. Our team would be happy to help you!

If your bill seems too high, you should first check your usage history and compare it to previous bills. You can also check if your energy company has recently increased their rates or if there are any additional fees or charges that have been added to your bill. Additionally, make sure that your metre readings are accurate and that there are no issues with your energy usage or equipment. If you suspect that your metre is broken or not functioning properly, you should contact your energy distributor as they are responsible for the metre. They will be able to test the metre and make any necessary repairs or replacements. If you’re still unsure why your bill is high, you can contact your energy company and ask for an explanation or a detailed breakdown of the charges on your bill. They may be able to help you identify ways to reduce your usage and lower your bill in the future.

In Alberta, if you decide to switch energy retailers, you typically do not need to contact your current provider to cancel. Once you’ve signed a contract with a new retailer, the new retailer will notify your current provider of the change on your behalf. The change in billing should be seamless from your perspective, as your current provider will simply replace your existing rate with the regulated rate until the switch to your new retailer is complete. However, before switching, it’s crucial to check your current contract’s terms to avoid any early termination fees.

Peace Power offers a variable rate for electricity, and both variable and fixed rates for natural gas. Fixed rates allow you to lock in for the length of the term (our term is 1 year), and our variable-rate plan allows you to take advantage when the prices are low. Note that the variable rate also rises so you may need to keep track of it from month to month to decide which plan is best for you.

Consumers play a key role in shaping utility services and policies. Through their usage patterns and demand for certain services, consumers can influence what utilities offer. For example, increasing consumer demand for renewable energy and energy efficiency has led many utilities to expand their offerings in these areas. Consumers also participate in public hearings on utility rates and policies, providing valuable input that regulators consider in their decisions. Furthermore, consumers can influence utilities through their choices in deregulated energy markets, by choosing to support energy providers that align with their preferences.

No. Technicians are not needed to switch your service over to Peace Power, whether it’s for electricity, natural gas, or internet. Once you provide your information, we can switch on your services remotely to ensure that there is no disruption when you change utility providers. With respect to internet, our service is designed so that you can do it yourself, whether you own your own hardware or once we’ve delivered your modem to you.

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