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It used to be, when you moved to a new home, you signed up with the only electricity or natural gas company in town, knew you were paying the same utility rates as everyone else, and haven’t thought about where your energy comes from since. Now in Alberta you have a choice with Peace Power!


Many of the largest industrial companies in Alberta have had the unique opportunity of buying electricity and natural gas based on wholesale (flow-through) spot market prices and have saved a lot of money by paying wholesale rather than buying off a competitive retailer. Now you, too, can participate.


Peace Power is offering consumers an alternative option to your current Alberta utility company. We are providing Alberta’s best utility experience with lower rates on electricity and natural gas, superior customer service, and a commitment to community!


If you are on the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) or in an agreement with one of the big electricity companies, you can easily enroll with us and immediately see the difference Peace Power can provide!



  • It is just like changing your phone plan from one carrier to another, but with Peace Power you won’t sign a long-term agreement, or pay sign-up or exit fees. We understand you may be trying something new so we want to make your experience as comfortable and risk free as possible.
  • We look after all the paperwork to switch you over, making the transition seamless.
  • If you are on the regulated rate with another provider or an agreement with one of the larger companies, you can switch to us regardless of where you live in the province.


  • We operate a lean and efficient business with our operations conducted exclusively online, featuring paperless billing & pre-authorized debits from your bank account.
  • Peace Power has low retailer administration fees.
  • Notification that your bill is ready for viewing and download will be sent to your email address monthly, 5 business days in advance of the payment date.


  • The electricity and natural gas going to your home or business will continue to be provided as it is today by your existing energy distribution company. Alberta’s deregulation policy requires all utility distribution companies (For Example: FortisAlberta, EPCOR, ATCO Electric, ATCO Gas, and ENMAX) to continue to provide utility distribution, energy meter reading and delivery services, regardless of who you select as a retailer.
  • Receive periodic email updates on Alberta’s electricity and natural gas market, keeping you informed and engaged with us!