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Here is the information we need to create a slow speed ticket with Shaw:

Please send this back to us as soon as you can and we will get a ticket started for you.

As more people are working from home, there is more and more WiFi congestion, especially on the 2.4Ghz band. If at all possible, try using your devices hard wired or at least on the 5Ghz band if your router and devices support it.

If your speeds are still inconsistent hardwired, please do the following tests hardwired to the modem, bypassing your router (be sure to power the modem off and on again each time a new device is connected to it).

  • We need 2 speed tests from (1 off peak times and one at peak times (6pm to 10pm)) (Similar to the following)
  • The MAC address of the device connected to the modem and the Make and model of that device.
  • The date the issue started.
  • 3 Dates/times when the customer would be available for a tech visit if required.
  • For Apple, we also need;
  • The results from IFCONFIG from Terminal
  • The results from PING -c from Terminal
  • The results from TRACERT from Terminal
  • For Windows, we also need;
  • The results from IPCONFIG /ALL from a windows command prompt
  • The results from PING -l 1472 -n 50 from a windows command prompt
  • The results from TRACERT from a windows command prompt

Please email the results to us at and we can get a ticket started to look into issues that may be on your line.



WiFi passwords can only be changed on their end by logging into either the WiFi modem or the WiFi router and changing it there. For the CGNM-3550 you would go to in a web browser, enter cusadmin for the username and password for the password and then click on Manage Wireless and then basic settings. You can change the Wireless name and password there. For WiFi routers they are all different and you would need to follow the setup guide for the router.

  • Ensure cable modem and router are currently disconnected from power. Computer turned off.
  • Connect the supplied coax cable to the wall outlet (refer to the requested room outlet).
  • Connect the coax line to the cable port on the modem.
  • Make sure both connections are hand tight, do not use tools to tighten.
  • Connect the supplied Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the modem.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the “WAN” or “Internet” port of a router or the Network port of a computer. Preference on computer.
  • Connect the supplied 12V power adaptor to the cable modem. Connect the 12V power adaptor to a power-bar or wall outlet.
  • Power light on the cable is on. Allow 1 – 2 min. for the modem to connect to the Shaw network.
  • Verify indicator lights. See illustration:
Peace Power Utilities Alberta - Natural Gas, Electricity, and Internet Provider in Edmonton, Calgary & Grande Prairie

Note: Lights will flash and then go solid sequentially during boot-up.
Note: The Link light (#5 left to right) may flash during normal operation. It will be off if the modem is not connected to a router or computer, or computer is turned off.
Note: If “On Line” (#4 left to right) is flashing the modem may do an update.

Electricity, Natural Gas & Internet Provider in Alberta | Peace Power
Electricity, Natural Gas & Internet Provider in Alberta | Peace Power
Electricity, Natural Gas & Internet Provider in Alberta | Peace Power
  • Disconnect power to the Internet Modem (Cable, DSL, Satellite).
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the Internet modem to the WAN or Internet port of the router (usually a blue port or separated by a gap from 4 other ports).
  • Connect any other hardwired devices, such as computers, ColP boxes, printers… to any of the 4 LAN ports (usually yellow ports).
  • Re-connect power to the Internet modem.
    Wait until the Internet Modem has reconnected to the network.
  • Connect the power adaptor of the router (make sure it is the correct one) to the power terminal on the router.
  • Connect the power adaptor of the router to a power bar of wall outlet.
  • If the router has a power switch (usually in the back panel), turn it on.
  • Most routers will have 7 status light. Power, WiFi, Internet and 4 LAN ports.
  • Wait until the Power, WiFi, and Internet status lights are on. The LAN port status lights may be on at this time depending on connected/active devices.
  • Cx should connect a device to router, preferably a hardwired computer, open a web browser and to
  • Most routers will redirect the user to an initial set-up process at that time. This process will vary from brand and model. Cx should refer to the set-up instruction supplied with the router.
  • After initial set-up process, Cx should have web access.

Still need additional help? Please Contact Customer Care, we are happy to assist you!