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At Peace Power, we’re a full-service utility provider, with all operations in Alberta. We provide electricity at cheaper rates than the “big guys”, and are able to bundle your electricity with our other utilities (Natural Gas and Internet). Tired of spending too much, not understanding your bill, or not being able to get help when you need it? Try Peace Power.

When you enroll with Peace Power, your electricity service will not be interrupted and we take care of moving you from your current provider to us!

With lower costs on the price of electricity and administration fees, we generally save customers 10-20 percent!


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We love to support our local community.

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+¢1.00over spot price
5-year rolling average 8.85¢/kWh
No sign-up fee or deposit required**
No cancellation fee​*
Admin Fee: $9.99 per metered site​



3 Year Fixed Rate
No sign-up fee or deposit required**
Multiple Payment Options​
Admin Fee: $9.99 per metered site​
Peace Power Utilities Alberta - Natural Gas, Electricity, and Internet Provider in Edmonton, Calgary & Grande Prairie


By bundling your internet, natural gas, and electricity services onto one bill, we are able to streamline our processing and administration costs, and pass the savings onto you!

*For Full Cancellation Policy, please read our Terms & Conditions.

** We may require a deposit subject to credit check

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"Peace Power has been great to deal with, not only have they saved me money (I was with direct energy previously) but they have provided me with top quality customer service. Anytime I have needed something they have always been quick to respond & easy to deal with. I recommend them to everyone I meet. Well done Peace Power, keep it up!"
- Eduardo
"I have been dealing with Peace Power for over a year and it has been a great experience. Our electricity bill has dropped significantly. I also love getting my bill by email and the automatic payment makes it so easy! I would highly recommend this local Alberta company to anyone that is looking to switch power companies."
- Heather
"Excellent customer service. Better rates than competitors. It was such a RELIEF to be DONE with the "Other Guys". I recommend Peace Power (electricity AND natural gas) to everyone who will listen. Seriously. They are fantastic."
- Malorie
"5 star company! Local contacts, competitive pricing, prompt to respond and environmentally conscientious. I am so happy that I switched. You won't be disappointed - your services won't skip a beat, and you will save money every month on gas and electricity-what's not to like?"
- Rae



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Frequently Asked Questions

A smart metre is an advanced metre that records your energy usage in real-time and sends the information to your utility company automatically. It allows you to monitor your energy usage and costs more accurately, and eliminates the need for manual metre readings. Smart metres also enable utilities to offer more innovative pricing plans, such as time-of-use tariffs, which charge different rates depending on the time of day or season.

No. Technicians are not needed to switch your service over to Peace Power, whether it’s for electricity, natural gas, or internet. Once you provide your information, we can switch on your services remotely to ensure that there is no disruption when you change utility providers. With respect to internet, our service is designed so that you can do it yourself, whether you own your own hardware or once we’ve delivered your modem to you.

Yes, Peace Power is a power company that provides utility services to Barrhead. If you’re looking for Electricity Service in the Town of Barrhead please fill out an online registration and we will be happy to support you.

The cost of electricity in Calgary changes depending on how much you use and the type of plan you have. To make things more manageable, Peace Power offers month-to-month contracts with no long-term commitment. For a live quote, please visit https://peacepower.ca/live-quote/

To choose an energy provider, you can compare the rates, plans, and terms offered by different providers in your area. You can also check their customer reviews and ratings to ensure that they have a good reputation. Additionally, consider their customer service and billing practices before making a decision.

For our variable-rate plans, you do not need to sign a contract to get utilities with Peace Power. Fixed-rate plans typically are a 1-year term. Complete the live quote form on our website. Compare our rates with the other guys!

Signing up for electricity with Peace Power is easy! Go to our website Peacepower.ca and click on the “sign up ” button. Follow the prompts and you will be all set up in no time.

Alberta has witnessed recent increases in energy rates across the province. However, Peace Power remains committed to its customers in Calgary by maintaining competitive rates. We take pride in keeping our margins low to ensure that you receive the best possible rate for your energy needs. To provide you with even more flexibility and control over your expenses, Peace Power offers month-to-month contracts, eliminating the burden of long-term commitments. This means you can adapt your energy plan to your changing needs without being locked into a fixed contract. For detailed information about our current rates and how we can help you manage your energy costs effectively, we invite you to explore our website. https://peacepower.ca/rates/


You can transfer your rate with you to your new location. Just give us 10 business days’ notice that you are moving, provide us with your new location’s address for electricity, natural gas, and/or internet and we’ll take care of the rest. With Peace Power, you never have to worry about your utilities during a move.

Choosing the right power company in Alberta depends on several key factors:

  • Price and Rate Structure: Consider whether a fixed or variable rate suits your budget and usage better. Fixed rates provide predictability while variable rates can fluctuate with market conditions.
  • Contract Terms: Look at the length of the contract and the conditions for termination. Some companies may charge fees for early termination.
  • Green Energy Options: If environmental impact is a consideration for you, look for companies that offer renewable energy options.
  • Customer Service: Check online reviews and ratings to get an idea of the company’s customer service reputation.
  • Additional Benefits: Some companies offer extra benefits like reward programs, smart home compatibility, or bundled services.


Here at Peace Power Edmonton we offer the best rates for natural gas within Alberta plus you are not bound to any contract for your utilities.

The AESO is a not-for-profit entity responsible for the safe, reliable, and economic planning and operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System.

Energy retailers and utility companies coexist to serve different roles within the energy ecosystem, particularly in deregulated markets like Alberta. Utility companies are traditionally responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and natural gas. They maintain the infrastructure, such as power lines and gas pipelines, to ensure that energy reaches consumers.

Energy retailers, on the other hand, act as intermediaries between consumers and the wholesale energy market. They purchase energy at wholesale prices and sell it to consumers at retail prices, handling customer service and billing. The existence of energy retailers introduces competition into the market, giving consumers a choice in providers and potentially better prices.

In summary, utility companies focus on the physical delivery of energy, while energy retailers focus on customer interaction, billing, and service customization. This division allows for greater market efficiency, more competitive pricing, and enhanced consumer choice.

Peace Power Now Offers Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plans! Lock in Your Rate Today.