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At Peace Power, we’re a full-service utility provider, with all operations in Alberta. We provide natural gas at cheaper rates than the “big guys”, and are able to bundle your natural gas with our other utilities (Electricity and Internet). Tired of spending too much, not understanding your bill, or not being able to get help when you need it? Try Peace Power.

By consolidating the processing of your utilities bill, we are able to offer lower monthly administration fees and natural gas transaction rates compared to our competitors.


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Peace Power Utilities Alberta - Natural Gas, Electricity, and Internet Provider in Edmonton, Calgary & Grande Prairie


By bundling your internet, natural gas, and electricity services onto one bill, we are able to streamline our processing and administration costs, and pass the savings onto you!

*For Full Cancellation Policy, please read our Terms & Conditions

** We may require a deposit subject to credit check

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"Peace Power has been great to deal with, not only have they saved me money (I was with direct energy previously) but they have provided me with top quality customer service. Anytime I have needed something they have always been quick to respond & easy to deal with. I recommend them to everyone I meet. Well done Peace Power, keep it up!"
- Eduardo
"I have been dealing with Peace Power for over a year and it has been a great experience. Our electricity bill has dropped significantly. I also love getting my bill by email and the automatic payment makes it so easy! I would highly recommend this local Alberta company to anyone that is looking to switch power companies."
- Heather
"Excellent customer service. Better rates than competitors. It was such a RELIEF to be DONE with the "Other Guys". I recommend Peace Power (electricity AND natural gas) to everyone who will listen. Seriously. They are fantastic."
- Malorie
"5 star company! Local contacts, competitive pricing, prompt to respond and environmentally conscientious. I am so happy that I switched. You won't be disappointed - your services won't skip a beat, and you will save money every month on gas and electricity-what's not to like?"
- Rae


By bundling your internet, natural gas, and electricity services onto one bill, we are able to streamline our processing and administration costs, and pass the savings onto you!

**For Full Cancellation Policy, please read our Terms & Conditions.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Your gas bill is calculated based on the unit price of gas, the volume of gas you have used and the days that have passed since your last reading.

To calculate your gas bill, simply multiply the unit price of gas by the number of units used, then add the standing charge for the period

If you smell gas, you should leave the area immediately and call your energy company’s emergency line. Additionally, to reduce the risk of an explosion, you should open windows and doors to allow for ventilation. Do not turn on any lights or appliances or use your phone until you are a safe distance away.

Once utilities are set up, electricity and natural gas usage will be measured by meters on your residence or building. A standard utility bill is divided into two parts: delivery charges and usage (or energy) charges. Electricity and natural gas need to be delivered from the generation or production site to the consumption site and maintaining this system requires time and money. The delivery charge for utilities is nothing like the one you pay the pizza delivery person; delivery charges are made up of variable and fixed components and are determined by a provincially regulated formula that is pre-approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). Delivery charges allow distribution and transmission companies to maintain the power lines, natural gas pipelines, transformers, and other physical equipment.

Take precautions to protect gas appliances during renovations, such as shutting off the gas supply, covering appliances, and ensuring proper ventilation.

Yes, many homes and businesses can switch to natural gas if it is available in their area. Contact your local utility company to find out if natural gas is available and to learn about the installation process.

Relighting a pilot light should generally be left to trained professionals. If the pilot light has gone out, contact a qualified technician who can safely inspect, relight, and ensure the proper functioning of the appliance.

Install carbon monoxide detectors near gas appliances and bedrooms. If the alarm sounds, evacuate immediately and contact emergency services.

Gas appliances should be serviced and inspected annually or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Peace Power offers a variable rate for electricity, and both variable and fixed rates for natural gas. Fixed rates allow you to lock in for the length of the term (our term is 1 year), and our variable-rate plan allows you to take advantage when the prices are low. Note that the variable rate also rises so you may need to keep track of it from month to month to decide which plan is best for you.

If you smell gas but no appliance is currently in use, treat it as a potential gas leak. Immediately evacuate the premises, leaving doors and windows open to allow for ventilation. Contact your gas utility provider or emergency services to report the situation and seek professional assistance to investigate and address the gas odor promptly.

Reading your utility bill is essential for several reasons. First, it empowers you to monitor and manage your energy consumption by providing detailed information on how much energy you use over a specific period. By understanding your consumption patterns, you can make informed decisions to reduce usage and, consequently, save money. Second, utility bills often include a breakdown of charges, which allows you to see how much you are paying for various components such as energy usage, transmission, and additional fees. This helps in ensuring that you are being billed correctly and enables you to spot any discrepancies or unexpected charges. Furthermore, being aware of the rate structure and additional charges can prompt you to adapt your consumption habits to times when rates are lower. Third, utility bills sometimes contain important notices from the utility company regarding changes in rates, terms of service, or other relevant information. Staying informed of these changes is crucial for maintaining a clear understanding of your service agreement. Lastly, regularly reading your utility bill encourages a sense of responsibility and awareness regarding energy consumption and its environmental impact, fostering a more sustainable lifestyle. tips and tricks on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, download our free home energy guide.

To prevent carbon monoxide leaks, ensure that gas appliances are properly vented and regularly maintained. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, particularly near sleeping areas, and test them regularly to provide early warning of any potential CO leaks.

Peace Power Now Offers Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plans! Lock in Your Rate Today.